Founded in Aberdeen in 2014, Ditch Debt with Dignity is a registered charity offering free and discreet confidential guidance and support to people privately struggling with their finances, but who are perceived to be financially stable. We assist to get them back on their feet so that they can continue supporting themselves and their families.
We understand the subtleties and sensitivities of their position, and operate a unique and personal approach.

What we do

Our purpose is to help you to deal practically with financial stresses and to bring about real, positive and lasting changes. Our fully trained debt advisers understand that money worries are not just about numbers. We know that debt can affect health, family, work, emotional wellbeing, relationships and much more.We will assist you in taking back control of your finances allowing you to plan for a brighter future. Our aim is to work together until you are debt free.

Why we do it

Anyone can find themselves in financial difficulties:
The person who’s never been confident with their finances – who says “I’m not good with money”.
The oil worker who has been made redundant due to market conditions;
The offshore worker who has had a 40% wage reduction through no fault of their own;
The person left behind to pick up the pieces after a divorce;
The family left behind after a bereavement;
The family split apart due to addictions;
The family trying to stay on top of things whilst coping with illness

The person who thinks they just can't cope any more - and is contemplating suicide...
There are many reasons for debt issues and we want to help people who have found themselves in this situation before it's too late.

If you are struggling with debt contact us now to see how we can help you find your breathing space.

Get Involved


Do you have professional skills to support us as an organisation? Do you have time to support others in need of help? Please email us with your details.


We provide free, confidential advice, guidance and support to clients who have or have had a secure income and now are privately struggling with unmanageable debt. We work with our clients to give them breathing space and financial peace of mind by mediating between them and their creditors to put in place a realistic and manageable debt repayment solution. A charity we need your support for our work. Please consider donating.

Our affiliations

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