Ditch Debt With Dignity

Ditch Debt with Dignity Supports Talk Money Week


Talk Money Week is an annual campaign, running from the 8th-12th November 2021,  to get the nation talking about money.

Each November, individuals in the UK are encouraged to talk about managing money – from pocket money right through to pensions – and celebrate the work done by thousands of organisations to build financial wellbeing across the country, with Ditch Debt with Dignity being one.

The week provides a platform to have a conversation about money between families and friends, at work or at school or any other walk of life. The goal is to turn talking about money from one of the UK’s least favourite topics into something commonplace.

Talking openly about money is vitally important for our health, wealth and relationships, with the effect of Covid-19 making it even more important than ever to start conversations about money.

Research shows that people who talk about money:

  • Make better and less risky financial decisions
  • Have stronger personal relationships
  • Help their children form good lifetime money habits
  • Feel less stressed or anxious and more in control.

Building money conversations into our everyday lives also helps us build financial confidence and resilience to face whatever the future throws at us.

If we’re not prepared, we can struggle to cope when an income shock happens, or a life event changes everything.

#TalkMoneyWeek is a great opportunity to join, start or lead the conversation. It’s for anyone who wants to manage money better, or any organisation working to help people deal with money matters. Organisations can also use the week to learn more about financial wellbeing and what it might mean for them and their clients.

If you want to have a chat about money, or if you have worries or stresses about money that are affecting your health, get in touch with us at info@ditchdebtwithdignity.com or give us a call on 01224 900168.

You can also check out our website and use the free resources that we have to share with you.

You do not need to struggle in silence. We are here to support you back on the road to financial recovery.