Ditch Debt with Dignity help you find hope in financial crisis.

We believe that no matter how bad a person’s financial situation, there is always a solution, there is always hope.

Our vision is to create a world where people are not ashamed to ask for help when they are in financial crisis and that there is free guidance available to anyone who needs it.

Together we will help you take the first steps to finding the right debt solutions for you and support you to leave behind any anger, shame or guilt you may be feeling.

Ditch Debt with Dignity Aims

Our Aims

– Act in a caring, encouraging and non-judgemental manner
– Help prevent or ease the serious consequences of unmanageable debt by                        providing professional support to help alleviate, stress, anxiety, loss, loneliness,           lack of confidence, shame and relationship breakdown.
– Provide a confidential and safe environment
– Give breathing space from creditors
– Help families to implement a manageable debt repayment programme or work            through tailored solution specific to their personal situation
– Support clients to rebuild confidence and look towards the future with a more            positive frame of mind to effectively manage their own finances

Our Values

Confidentiality ensuring our clients situation is dealt with in strictest confidence and that we adhere fully to the principles of Data Protection

Compassion – having sympathetic concern for the wellbeing of others

Professionalism  working in a manner that is informed and competent

Respect – treating each other with dignity and due regard for each other’s situation, values and opinions

Integrity – being authentic, honest and of good character in all that we do

What we do

We are here to support and provide debt advice. 

We will:

– Share the burden and listen without judgement
– Stop the noise and create breathing space
– Provide support and guidance
– Find a way forward to put a personal and affordable plan in place
– Show that there is always hope

Ditch Debt with Dignity

How we do it

Our advisers empower, support and guide our clients to a solution that will best suit them.

We do this by:

– Having an initial meeting to establish a relationship and find out how we can work together
– Completing our engagement pack which confirms expectations of both parties, options and next steps
– If you engage in our services, you can decide at any point to terminate our relationship
– Contacting creditors to request breathing space whilst we work out the next steps
– Analysing the situation together and exploring options available
– Finalising a budget and goals via our ‘Money Magic’ process
– Agreeing and implementing a plan, working with creditors on clients’ behalf
– Meeting regularly to review progress, celebrate successes, support and work through any setbacks until the debts have been fully repaid